On Air Playlist

  • 12:43 AM
    Judge Me, God of My Salvation
      from  Teach Me Thy Way
  • 12:31 AM
    by Hale & Wilder   from  Not Available
  • 12:28 AM
    To God Be the Glory
    by BJU Handbell Choir   from  The Cross of Calvary
  • 12:25 AM
    Hiding in Thee
    by SMS Choir   from  Hymns for the Home Vol. 2
  • 12:21 AM
    Be Still My Soul
    by Brian & Laura Dukeshier   from  Our Sacrifice of Praise
  • 12:17 AM
    We Walk by Faith
    by SoundForth   from  When Jesus Comes
  • 12:15 AM
    Postlude on "Ode to Joy"
    by Ed Dunbar, organ   from  Source CD (see HouseCD file)
  • 12:11 AM
    How Can It Be
    by Herbster Orchestra   from  Reflections of Grace
  • 12:07 AM
    There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood
    by Carol McClure, harp   from  Hymns of Hope for Harp
  • 12:05 AM
    O How He Loves You and Me
    by Joseph Backer   from  Exalt His Name
  • 12:02 AM
    Love Divine All Loves Excelling
    by Melinda K. Wickam   from  To God All Praise and Glory
  • 11:43 PM
    The Heavens Are Telling
    by Chicago Mandolin Orchestra   from  Whispering Peace
  • 11:39 PM
    He Took My Sins Away
    by Melinda K. Wickam   from  To God All Praise and Glory
  • 11:37 PM
    All Hail the Power of Jesus' N
    by Artisans in Brass   from  Not Available
  • 11:35 PM
    O God Our Help in Ages Past
    by Mac Frampton, piano   from  An American Portrait
  • 11:32 PM
    How Can It Be?
    by Sacred Music Services SMS-002   from  I Sing The Mighty Power of God
  • 11:27 PM
    Like a River Glorious
    by Herbster Orchestra   from  Reflections of Grace
  • 11:25 PM
    O Could I Speak the Matchless Worth
    by The Pinner Family   from  Glorious Hope!
  • 11:23 PM
    I Love You Lord
    by Denise Yoder   from  O for a Heart to Praise My God
  • 11:21 PM
    God Is Seen
    by Atlanta Sacred Chorale   from  Visions
  • 11:18 PM
    Hallelujah Chorus
    by Majesty Music 0789128   from  Everlasting Praise
  • 11:14 PM
    Perfect Peace
    by The Wilds TWS0178   from  Immortal Invisible God
  • 11:12 PM
    Draw Me Nearer
    by Bright Water Digital   from  Psallontes
  • 11:09 PM
    Abba, Father
    by Majesty Music   from  I Saw Jesus In You A Tribute To My Fathe…
  • 11:07 PM
    Lead Us, Heavenly Father, Lead Us
    by Abbey CDMVP-826   from  Sing with Us 20 Favorite Hymns
  • 11:04 PM
    Holy God, We Praise Thy Name
    by Tom Hazelton, organ   from  Worship Hymns for Organ
  • 11:02 PM
    Jesu, Priceless Treasure
    by The Designer String Quartet   from  Classic Hymns
  • 11:00 PM
    Psalm 38 (Merton)
    by Scottish Festival Singers   from  Psalms of the Trinity Psalter, Vol. II
  • 10:55 PM
    The Lord's Prayer (different)
    by Jan Mulder, piano/orch   from  Not Available
  • 10:51 PM
    Whiter Than Snow
    by Seth Custer, saxophone   from  Not Available
  • 10:49 PM
    He Lives
    by Ann Gibbs, soprano   from  Only Trust Him
  • 10:45 PM
    Jesus Took My Burden
    by Christian Heritage Media   from  Old Time Gospel Favorites--Vol. 2
  • 10:42 PM
    Is Your All on the Altar
    by Hamilton Piano Duo   from  Springs of Living Water
  • 10:39 PM
    O Come and Sing
    by Stouffer Men   from  Come & Sing
  • 10:34 PM
    Shepherd Medley
    by Melinda Wickam, piano/orch   from  To God All Praise & Glory
  • 10:29 PM
    Hallelujah! What a Savior
    by Mary Lynn Van Gelderen   from  To the Praise of His Glory
  • 10:27 PM
    I Will Praise Him
    by Asaph AR-1065   from  Quiet Time I & II
  • 10:23 PM
    Lo He Comes
    by BJU Organ, Brass & Percussion   from  Lost in Wonder, Love & Praise
  • 10:21 PM
    A Thankful Heart
    by Ambassador Bapt Coll Duet   from  Not Available
  • 10:18 PM
    No Other Plea
    by Ed Dunbar, organ   from  Source CD (see HouseCD file)
  • 10:14 PM
    Jesus, Lover of My Soul
    by Jean Greer, soprano   from  Our Tribute to Soldiers of the Cross
  • 10:11 PM
    Leaning on the Everlasting Arm
    by Faye Lopez, piano   from  He Leadeth Me
  • 10:10 PM
    All Creatures of Our God and King
    by Brian Pinner   from  Sun of My Soul
  • 10:06 PM
    No Other Name
    by Mark Herbster   from  New Every Morning
  • 10:02 PM
    Jesus Loves Me/O How He Loves
    by Shelly Hamilton, piano   from  How Can I Fear
  • 9:57 PM
    When Morning Gilds the Skies
    by Joan Pinkston, piano   from  Our Song of Praise
  • 9:52 PM
    Praise Your Holy Name
    by Private Label   from  Adoration
  • 9:49 PM
    The Spirit Breathes Upon the Word
    by Melinda K. Wickam   from  To God All Praise and Glory
  • 9:46 PM
    We Rejoice in All Your Ways
    by Herbster Evangelistic Team   from  New Every Morning
  • 9:43 PM
    On Jordan's Stormy Banks
    by Joan Pinkston, piano   from  Our Song of Praise
  • 9:41 PM
    Shout to the Lord
    by The Wilds Chorale   from  Holy Holy
  • 9:38 PM
    Soldiers of Christ, Arise
    by BJU Press   from  My Great Redeemer's Praise
  • 9:36 PM
    The Lily of the Valley
    by OFRH Quartet   from  Old Time Gospel Favorites, Vol. 3
  • 9:32 PM
    Shall We Gather at the River
    by Shelly Hamilton, piano   from  Songs About Jesus
  • 9:28 PM
    Jesus Has Loved Me
    by Lance Flower, organ   from  Offerings of Praise
  • 9:25 PM
    The Doxology
    by Psallontes Strings   from  In the Light of His Grace
  • 9:22 PM
    I Am His and He Is Mine
    by Fisher/Gustafson   from  Sun Of My Soul
  • 9:19 PM
    Am I a Soldier of the Cross
    by Carolyn Hamlin, organ   from  Thy Power Displayed
  • 9:16 PM
    La venida de Cristo
    by Musica de la Fe   from  Grande es tu fidelidad
  • 9:13 PM
    O Holy Savior
    by Benson CDO2984   from  Piano Worship
  • 9:08 PM
    Calvary's Hill
    by Anchor Men Quartet   from  I Am Changed
  • 9:04 PM
    Have Thine Own Way, Lord
    by Willow Records WRCD401   from  Strength For Today Bright Hope For…
  • 8:57 PM
    If God Is For Us
    by SoundForth 192641   from  Not Available
  • 8:54 PM
    Come Let Us Join Our Cheerful
    by BJU Organ, Brass & Percussion   from  Lost in Wonder, Love & Praise
  • 8:51 PM
    I Will Love the Lord
    by Bob Jones University Choir   from  Music from Morning Worship Services
  • 8:48 PM
    Saints Bound for Heaven
    by SoundForth 193706   from  Saints Bound For Heaven
  • 8:46 PM
    Oh That I Had a Thousand Voices
    by Valparaiso University Choir   from  A Hymn Festival Celebrating The…
  • 8:44 PM
    Ring the Bells of Heaven
    by Melinda K. Wickam   from  To God All Praise and Glory
  • 8:41 PM
    While on the Sea
    by John Catchings, cello   from  Wayfaring Stranger
  • 8:37 PM
    God Will Not Fail You
    by Brian & Dukeshier   from  Our Sacrifice of Praise
  • 8:35 PM
    Great God, How Infinite Thou Art
    by Private Label   from  Great God of Wonders
  • 7:38 PM
    Nearer, Still Nearer
    by BJU Press   from  Blessed Assurance
  • 6:58 PM
    Revive Us Again
    by Maranatha Baptist Bible College Madrigal   from  My Song In The Night
  • 6:55 PM
    Nearer, My God, to Thee
    by SoundForth 121525   from  Good News
  • 6:53 PM
    My Hope is in the Lord
    by Preach the Word Ministries PTWCD101   from  What A Savior! What A Friend!
  • 6:49 PM
    O Son of Man (Londonderry Air)
    by Jan Mulder, piano/orch   from  Not Available
  • 6:47 PM
    Be Thou My Vision
    by Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team   from  Harvest
  • 6:44 PM
    Wonderful Grace of Jesus
    by Majesty Music 0789076   from  Classic Jubilation
  • 6:40 PM
    The Steps of a Good Man
    by Mathew Burtner, guitar   from  Hear My Prayer
  • 6:38 PM
    All That Thrills My Soul is Jesus
    by Audio Services   from  Music From The Fortress
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