On Air Playlist

  • 6:02 PM
    God Is There
    by Faye Lopez, piano/orchestra   from  Exaltation
  • 5:55 PM
    Here I'll Stay
    by Julie Andrews, soprano   from  Classic Julie:Classic Broadway
  • 5:52 PM
    Zorba the Greek
    by Frank Chacksfield Orchestra   from  Film Festival
  • 5:50 PM
    Angel of Music
    by Sally Harmon - piano   from  When I Fall In Love
  • 5:47 PM
    Sports Palace Waltz
    by Andre Rieu   from  Not Available
  • 5:44 PM
    The Gentle Maiden
    by Kiri Te Kanawa   from  Danny Boy
  • 5:41 PM
    Cumbia Payasosa
    by Con Clave (duo pianists)   from  World Music in the Netherlands
  • 5:38 PM
    by Enrique Ugarte, accordion   from  Valse Musette de Paris
  • 5:36 PM
    The Sons of Katie Elder
    by Cincinnati Pops   from  Happy Trails
  • 5:25 PM
    Secret Love
    by George Greeley, piano   from  Popular Piano Concertos
  • 5:20 PM
    Music of the Night
    by Katherine Jenkins, soprano   from  Not Available
  • 5:17 PM
    by Frank Chacksfield Orchestra   from  Film Festival
  • 5:16 PM
    Midnight Tiptoe (A Little Prin
    by Soundtrack Orchestra   from  Happily Ever After
  • 5:13 PM
    Golden Earrings
    by Ronnie Aldrich, piano   from  All-Time Piano Hits
  • 5:10 PM
    The Dream of Olwen
    by Boston Pops   from  Motion Picture Classics Vol. 1
  • 5:07 PM
    Climb Ev'ry Mountain
    by Samuel Ramey   from  Samuel Ramey sings Rodgers & Hammerstein
  • 5:04 PM
    T'Kleine Cafe (The Little Cafe
    by Andre Rieu & Maastricht Salon   from  Gala Miniatures
  • 5:01 PM
    by Melachrino Orch   from  Faithfully Yours
  • 4:55 PM
    Silent Heart
    by Sarah Brightman   from  The Songs that got Away
  • 4:52 PM
    Parade of the Ewoks
    by San Diego Pops   from  Those Fabulous Hollywood Marches
  • 4:48 PM
    Wagon Train
    by City of Prague Philharmonic   from  The Wild West
  • 4:46 PM
    The Dark-eyed Sailor
    by Cambridge Singers   from  The Lark in the Clear Air--Traditional…
  • 4:44 PM
    Arkansas Traveler
    by Felix Slatkin Strings   from  Hoedown!
  • 4:40 PM
    Zinha (Zinnia)
    by Tadeu Coelho, flute; Karen Thi   from  Azules--Latin Music for the Soul
  • 4:37 PM
    Infinity and Beyond (Toy Story
    by Sound Track Orchestra   from  Monster's Inc./Toy Story/Toy Story 2
  • 4:35 PM
    by Jan Mulder, piano/orch   from  Not Available
  • 4:31 PM
    I Got Lost in His Arms
    by Victoria Clark   from  Fifteen Seconds of Grace/Faryl
  • 4:27 PM
    Blue Velvet
    by Romantic Strings   from  Music to Light Candles By
  • 4:23 PM
    Ciao, Ciao, Bambino (Goodbye B
    by Emile Pandolfi - piano   from  Evening in Venice
  • 4:20 PM
    Molly on the Shore
    by James Galway   from  The Pachelbel Canon
  • 4:17 PM
    Star Wars--Love Theme
    by Cincinnati Pops   from  Epics
  • 4:14 PM
    by Melachrino Orch   from  Faithfully Yours
  • 4:11 PM
    The Wandering Kind
    by Josh Groban   from  Not Available
  • 4:08 PM
    Under Moscow Skies
    by Stanley Black Orchestra   from  France/Russia
  • 4:06 PM
    This Week Americans
    by Percy Faith Orchestra   from  Source CD N/A
  • 4:04 PM
    by Kruger Brothers   from  Not Available
  • 4:01 PM
    Brazilian Sleigh Bells
    by Eastman-Rochester Pops   from  Hi-Fi A La Espanola and Popovers
  • 3:57 PM
    by Frank Chacksfield Orchestra   from  Evening In Paris
  • 3:55 PM
    Till There Was You
    by Ferrante & Teicher - pianos   from  Ferrante & Teicher Broadway Shows…
  • 3:52 PM
    by Skitch Henderson - piano   from  The Velvet Touch of Skitch Henderson
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