On Air Playlist

  • 8:52 AM
    Lead Me Lord
    by Sparrow SPD-1175   from  The Majesty and Glory
  • 8:48 AM
    Beyond the Sunset
      from  Joyful Harps Hymns
  • 8:45 AM
    Jesus My Lord My God My All
    by Northern Lights   from  Let His Glory Shine
  • 8:42 AM
    He Hideth My Soul
    by Asaph AR-006   from  Quiet Time III
  • 8:39 AM
    O Zion, Haste
    by Soundforth Singers   from  Not Available
  • 7:43 AM
    Marvelous Grace
    by Sacred Music Services SMS-034   from  Sound His Praise
  • 7:26 AM
    The Lord's My Shepherd
    by EMI CD-MFP 6059   from  The Hymns Album
  • 7:23 AM
    Achieved Is the Glorious Work
    by Majesty Brass   from  For All the Saints
  • 7:20 AM
    I Love You Lord Medley
    by Private Label   from  Great is Thy Faithfulness
  • 7:18 AM
    Is Your All on the Altar
    by The Pinner Family   from  Glorious Hope!
  • 7:14 AM
    Make My Life an Alleluia
    by Sandra Hankins   from  Make My Life an Alleluia
  • 7:11 AM
    A Passion for Thee
    by Mike Shrock, trumpet   from  Trumpet Rejoice
  • 7:07 AM
    The Holy City
    by Kenneth McKellar, tenor   from  All Things Bright & Beautiful A…
  • 7:04 AM
    A Shelter in the Time of Storm
      from  All Things Bright And Beautiful
  • 6:58 AM
    Whiter Than Snow
    by Seth Custer, saxophone   from  Not Available
  • 6:55 AM
    Sing to the Lord, Alleluia
    by SoundForth 192641   from  Not Available
  • 6:50 AM
    Now I Belong to Jesus
    by Majesty Brass   from  For All the Saints
  • 6:49 AM
    How Tedious and Tasteless the
    by Northlands Choir   from  Precious Names
  • 6:38 AM
    God's Refining Fire
    by Jeremy Gray, piano   from  Worthy of Worship
  • 6:34 AM
    When Morning Gilds the Skies
    by SoundForth 091736   from  May Jesus Christ Be Praised



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